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Welcome to Portfolio Section of the MiM designs site! Here you will find our work for our clients. The projects are show with a screen shot to the left of a description of each project. By click either the screen shot of the link that say "See this Project"

The page is divided into three sections: Web, Print, and Other.


Rowan University came up with the idea of "Project Clean & Green", a half-day community service project, and needed to market it fast, so they came to MiM. Within three days MiM developed an overall image, logo, vinyl banner,
500 t-shirts, and a web site consisting of event information and online sign up forms. See this Project

click here for 10"x3' banner (Jpeg)

Web Work
Custom Imports LLC screenshot For Custom Imports what we used various programs (Flash, Illustrator, and Photoshop) to accomplish what turned into a very graphical web site. The header graphic is done in Illustrator along with the background graphic. The rotating wheel at the top of the content section is a small Flash movie. Also, various objects throughout the page were created with Photoshop. For programming on this page, standard HTML was used with assistance from cascading style sheets. See this Project

Sorelle & Associates screenshot The methods used for this site were much like the Custom Imports work (see above). However, no Flash was used. See this Project

Sorelle & Associates screenshot Atlas Stamping Industries, Inc. was looking for an innovative web site to display their unique products and services. MiM developed this site Incorporating a sleek design using vector graphics giving this site a "modern look".
See this Project

Drs. Barbell screenshot The methods used for this site were much like the previous two works (see above). See this Project

Coastal Development screenshot Coastal Development was MiM's first venture into dynamic programming. Using server-side validation through PHP and databasing through MySQL, we created a Client Login page that also could be used by Administrators (namely the owner of the company). On the design side we used Photoshop to create a nice, warm feeling. The use of Cascading Style Sheets was also used for coloring and such. See this Project

MiM designs screenshot This is the new site for MiM designs. Each page has a small PHP script on it so that clients and our site administrators can login. Once logged in, clients can see the work being done, work that has been done, and billing. The administrators can see information about the clients and post news to the main page. Needless to say, this site is very database-based. To get the look and feel we used a nice light blue with a bright green to create a look that was playful, but professional. Languages used here are: PHP, MySQL, HTML, and Javascript. See this Project

Ewing Township screenshot We used JavaScript, HTML, PHP, and MySQL to accomplish this site. The site is for Ewing Township schools in Ewing, New Jersey. They needed a site that would be a good resource for both students and parents, as well as faculty to access. We used some graphics supplied by the township to get the look and feel. See this Project

Print Work
Alpha Chi Rho/Alpha Sigma Alpha Homecoming banner screenshot To make the Alpha Chi Rho / Alpha Sigma Alpha Homecoming Banner we used Illustrator. If you are not familiar, Adobe Illustrator uses what is known as vector drawing that makes every line perfectly drawn. This took many hours and was printed in full color on a 10-foot-by-4-foot banner. See this Project

Alpha Chi Rho/Alpha Sigma Alpha Homecoming banner screenshot

MiM Designs offers cost effective solutions for your organization's composite. Our energetic personalized staff will come to your school for a 3 day photography session. Then the photos are brought back to our design studio where each organization is given the individual attention they deserve.

From photography to final composite in-hand MiM guarantees a 2 month turnaround time or we will pay for your entire composite.

click composites below for larger view